Our website packages can be tailored for any requirement. From a simple, static website (using HTML) to a fully-featured business site including blogs and social media links (WordPress), we can offer solutions to suit all.

WordPress Design & Hosting

A BlueToadStool site is more than just a basic WordPress site using free plugins on cheap hosting. If you are serious, then you need a professionally built site using professional hosting and support.

We can design, build and host your website, if you are tech-savvy then you can be given access to the WordPress dashboard and make amendments/additions yourself or we can do this for you. We don’t charge for small tweaks to existing sites, if you need something more then we charge £30 per hour (we are not VAT registered) in 1/2 hour increments.

BlueToadStool WordPress Hosting includes:-

  • Up to 5 personalised Email addresses, no need to use Gmail or Hotmail for your business email.
  • Free SSL Certificate, no modern site should be insecure anymore, not having an ‘HTTPS hosted domain is no longer an option.
  • Daily Backups, giving you peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.
  • Elementor Pro, build professional looking, fully responsive websites using the full power of Elementor Pro.
  • Rank Math Business SEO. A leading plugin to help you take the guesswork out of getting your website noticed by clients.


All of the above is part of our ‘standard’ WordPress hosting which costs only £120 per year. Any additional consultation/work, from SEO assistance to Photography or even general I.T. Consultancy is charged at the standard £30 per hour rate.

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Static (HTML) Websites

You do not always need the power of WordPress, if you require just a few pages that will rarely need updating then a static, non WordPress site is best.

These sites are not so easy to casually update but require very little support so can work out far more cost-effective.

They can take as little as a couple of hours to create and only cost £60 per year to host, this includes backups and business email addresses too, allowing you to own a professional site with the smallest of budgets.


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