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Millbrook Bed and Breakfast is our own guest house, my Wife and I have owned it since 2013 and my parents owned it before that for 17 years. In all that time I have produced the website for Millbrook, and in that time, I believe, perfected the formula for a B&B website. This site uses WordPress, which as always, makes it really easy to keep up to date, there are so many ways of creating sites but no matter how you do it, it is really important that it is kept current.

We receive many direct bookings as a result, with this site featuring very highly within searches for ‘bed and breakfast Swanage and other related terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important, without it all your effort to produce a lovely site can go completely to waste.

For a typical B&B, your websites’ role is primarily to promote your business but it is also an important information resource. Our site is also often praised by guests as a good resource for helping them to plan their stay and to know what to do and what to expect when they visit.

The success of our business online also stems from social media (Millbrook Facebook page), controlled use of TripAdvisor and even OTAs (Online Travel Agents such as and from using a really good booking platform, we use FreeToBook and have done since we took ownership and it has never let us down, as a result BlueToadStool strongly recommends FreeToBook as a solution for you B&B.

We are very proud of our website and believe it is a great example of what BlueToadStool can offer you.


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